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La requête de cette maman était que j'aide sa fille à s'adapter à sa nouvelle école qu'elle devait intégrer en milieu d’année.  


Elle m'écrit:

We found out today that A.'s got a place at a preferred school and will be starting there on the 25th. A session beforehand would be ideal as she's a bit scared of being the 'new girl'.  


Suite à la séance, elle m'écrit:


Hi Caroline,

As promised, quick update on how A. got on with her new school.

Day 1: absolutely no clinging when we dropped her off - very happy to go and play with the other children who she doesn't know.

At the end of the day her teacher said how amazed they were by how quickly she had settled in. They did an art project in the junior school with all the year 6 (75 10yr olds) and A. volunteered to stand in front of all of them and talk about what she'd made.

So to sum up - I've been staggered at how easily she's transitioned into the school and how happy she is to go.

Thanks again Caroline for the work you did with her - it's truly made a real difference.

Much love,

Dear Caroline,

Time is moving so fast.  You have been on my mind.  

Again thank you for the work you did for me.

I have been busy practicing being "brave".

About 2 days after I received your session results, I began to feel less anxious and afraid.  

I have been doing at least 2 brave things everyday that in the past I would have not done and then been mad at myself or someone else because they didn't take care of it for me. 

I am a Massage therapist.  I have a few clients but have never reached out to try and build a thriving business.  That is now my goal. : )  

The changes in my behavior require processing time.

After doing brave things I still have to tell myself that all is well, everything is OK and I am safe being my new self. 

Keep up the good work,


Oh Caroline,

First of all l love the way you explain everything, it makes the email session seem much more personal.  Everything sounds right. I'm going to try and use your style in my own work. 

I already checked and my shields are still  up.  Thank you for that.  Thanks again.  I am very grateful that you took the time to work on me.  


Hi Caroline,
I wanted to let you know that since our session, I feel so much lighter, happier, more optimistic etc.  I haven't experienced much of the processing symptoms this time round - although slept very deeply the past 2 nights.
Thank you again for your time - I really appreciate it.  I wish you all the best - you are a great practitioner!
N.  xx

Caroline :)))  


I want to thank you as big as I possibly can :)

I really appreciate your work and I'm again very very thankful to you!!!
I felt pretty heavy the next couple of days after the session, I remember ;)
We were at my friends house with a lovely girl who was really very nice to me...

Thank you so so much and I'll be very happy for my next session :)  Please don't hesitate if you have any questions for me !  I'll be online everyday as I finally have internet again :)



Hi Caroline

Thank you for the clearing. 

I am back on track with doing me emotion code sessions.  Everything is going well.  I really appreciate your clearing my blockage.  You may never know the ripple effect of your efforts but I assure you it has been amazing !

Thank you so much!!!!


Dear Caroline


What feels different to me is that although my situation hasn't changed, I'm not feeling as obsessed and overwhelmed.  I feel more hope and joy in general. 

Thank you.


Hello Caroline,

I have been meaning to get back to you to let you know that I have noticed a difference in my left arm, even though the pain comes and goes I think it has gone down now.  The foot shows a slight change.  Another session would be welcome.



Hi Caroline,

... I would like to know if you could sense why I'm stuck in my life where I am right now.

I would love to manifest a car but have tried everything to no luck.

What am I doing wrong?


Thanking u


After the session, she later writes:


My knee was pretty bad and it used to feel heavy, but I can feel it now and it  feels light now.

I love,  love,  love  what you're doing.

Yes, I also have some pain on my left hand, my little finger on my left hand is also very painful, I think it is diabetics not sure.

Thanking u


Thank you Caroline

Could you help my mother please ?

She is 70 years old or will be next week.

Her date of birth is ...

She suffers from arthritis in the spine.


Thanking u


Thank u Caroline I thought I was going to die.

I had this heaviness in my head for about a week.

I was afraid to tell my husband.

It was heavy and painful every morning when I woke up.

I was so worried that I could not sleep.

I took pain killers every morning.

My mother has also been suffering from headaches for a couple of years now. She has been to doctors and hospitals but they could find nothing wrong.


I say thank you once again for the help.

Could you check my son C.W.? He is 11 years tomorrow,

He has severe ADHD

I have put him on RITALIN tablets for hyper kids.

I think he doesn’t need it anymore.

Could you help him please ?


My other son C. is 15 years old.

He used to get in trouble at school and was Very aggressive .

Could you check him please ?


Thanking u


After the sessions, several days later:

Hi Caroline I am sorry that I only come back to you now.

I just want to say thank you for helping me.

First my left knee is COMPLETELY healed. It used to feel heavy and I had difficulty getting up when sat down.

C. used to make me tired, he was soooo busy because he is or was ADHD.

I can now say the house is quiet and he is acting normal for a change.

My other son is staying out of trouble.

Surprisingly when he gets home from school he now opens his books and studies, that is something I have never seen before.

I always had to drag him to his room to study, remember he is 15 years old and tall. lol.


Thanking u


Thank u Caroline, thank u, thank u once again for your help.

I forgot to tell you that my sons use to be bullies, C. the elder always used to fight with C.W. the baby.

It is so clear that something is different because now I see them laying in the room and just chat.

I tell you they chat and they laugh and they share things with each other.

C. the elder even offers to help C.W. with his home work.

I tell you when I have the money, I would also love to do this work to help people.


Thank u I will take u up on that offer for the next session.

Thanking u



Hello dear Caroline,

The heart is doing fine.

I am much more playful now and when everything is really quiet and peaceful, I can feel these subtle vibrations of happiness and well-being emanating from that space.



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